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About Me

Zoe Interiors

Hi Iā€™m Zoe, I am interior designer with a passion for living spaces and the impact they can have. I want clients to love the space they are in and work with them to create a environment that suits their lifestyle needs. I specialise in contemporary minimal spaces with Scandi influences.

Where some may see a blank canvas I will visualise how a room can look and provide inspiration to those clients. 

Our surroundings influence how we feel and our moods can be altered through elements such as colour, lighting or furnishings. I help clients work from blank canvases, inspiring ideas that i have learnt over 20 years in the design industry.

I have always has a passion for design. Working largely in packaging agencies i was asked to design various restaurants and offices as a sideline and I realised my greater love was spatial inspiration. I started working for friends and family, creating spaces that suited their lifestyles and desires for mood setting. I have since expanded through recommendations and clients aware of my work on social media to build a growing portfolio.